Hyrum Harris!!!

Hyrum Harris will be returning for the 2023 Season! 


Hyrum may be our most important singing this season. His ability to affect the game on both ends of the floor is special.


Hyrum’s biggest asset to the Hawks is his character. He brings a work ethic second to none, an uncompromising physical style of play and an actions speak louder than words style of leadership. His physical attributes of size, speed and agility, along with his relentless, gritty, hard working attitude make him the perfect mold to build what the 2023 Taylor Hawks want to be about.

“To have Hyrum commit with us for another season is a massive boost to the morale of the coaching staff & front office. He has been a standout leader since his arrival to Hawkes Bay. I personally have enjoyed playing alongside him for the last couple years, and now have the opportunity to be in a position to really help him reach some of his goals. He’s a player that will help me be a better coach and I help him be a better player. Hawks fans should be excited about the return of Hyrum Harris, especially his whanau that whakapapa back to Ngati Kahungunu.” Everard.

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